Cloud gaming: Google Stadia

One recent news to note.

At the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019 that happened last week in the Bay area, Google announced that they will start a new “gaming service” called Stadia starting sometime this year. Now there are several features that caught much interest which are

  1. it is not console-specific, meaning that you don’t need to buy a gaming console like Nintendo Switch or PS4 or a high-spec gaming PC but just a Google Chrome browser to play
  2. The computing power of Stadia would be by far the strongest, exceeding the competing gaming consoles nearly by two folds
  3. A new feature, Crowd Play, lets game developers to easily share their games to fans to watch like Youtube and even let the fans play the game alongside with the creator

Here is one of the press release:

Now how would Stadia influence the competitive gaming scene? Who knows. But the first and the second features mentioned above could highly contribute to having a bigger esports market globally as anybody with a Google Chrome browser would be able to compete (as long as you have a reliable network..)

To be fair, let me also share some potential concerns regarding Stadia.

This is getting just too exciting…!!

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