[S0] MMORPG lovers back then

Back in the mid 90s when South Korea was booming with online PC games (modems that is), MMORPG has taken off as a big part of Korean gaming scene and due to its notorious addictive features many teenagers back then were often being yelled at by their mothers after hours of playing — phones on busy, monthly phone bills skyrocketing.

My favorite MMORPG was a game called “the legend of darkness” and I had a character that I still remember called “Syd warrior”, a male warrior. The game allowed marriage between male and female characters and I happened to find someone called “탱탱빵빵” (or “Super sexy”), a female magician character. I was a junior high schooler whereas she was 4 years older, officially an adult.

I was in love. We often chatted online, then progressed to talking on the phone at nights, and eventually decided to meet offline one day.

A pure junior high schooler boy met a college student level adult except she’s working full time at her clothing store instead and likes to smoke and FULLY MAKEUP. Both hopelessly not knowing what to do with the mutual awkwardness of offline presence, went straight to a nearby underground Norae-bang (Karaoke room).

I sang for hours. She just kept smoking.

After we departed, we never saw each other neither in the real world nor in our favorite virtual space.

Love it is.

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