[G1] Cheating, really?

In 2010, a starcraft star player 마재윤 was alleged for conspirator of a match-fixing scandal. A few days later, the allegation turned out to be true and the Korean esports industry went down hill since then.

More detail: https://namu.wiki/w/스타크래프트%20승부조작%20사건

But are we to give all the blames to this one guy, who was on the way of becoming one of the legends, that the entire fault of the mishap and the aftermath therefore is due to this guy and finish the story? Was it really this guy that destroyed the esports industry as the others say? How would you explain the other follow up scandals, most notably another big one in 2015 with Starcraft 2?

My answer is a definite NO. I think it was a matter of time. At least as much as the guy taking the blame for his wrongdoing, the esports industry itself is to be blamed on the fact that the industry was vulnerable enough to let the incident happen and couldn’t prevent happening beforehand or at least in mid point before the entire industry were shaken and hundreds of esports people losing their jobs.

While the industry so focussed on monetizing, there were next to none interest in esports governance and compliance, which could have been the watch dog and the whistle blower

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