[P3b] The star casters

I can still think of three casters and four commentators that still remain in a secure place deep in my memory and let me start with the casters.

Jung Il Hoon is probably the first esports caster in the Korean esports scene. His appearance is closer to a breaking news main anchor-kind. He has this scholarly look with a pair glasses on and that church fatherly air with a bit of a smiley face. When he first appeared as a caster, it felt like ‘why is my dad commenting on a game that he probably doesn’t understand much?’ — you know what I mean? He had that adulthood look that didn’t seem to quite fit in the gaming culture but at the same time had that stability, not only on his tone and delivery of his own comments but for the viewers to feel that it’s ok to watch competitive gaming for hours because of his presence.

Jeon Yong Jun has the longest career in the Korean esports scene as he was one of the main casters during the Starcraft league era, and now that is gone, he has continued as the League of Legend main anchorman. Easily over a decade in the scene I would say. And why he could do that? Cause he was popular. He was certainly a different type of caster compared to Mr. Jung — More emotional and relatable to the general public. While he was an official caster, but his laid-back joke-cracking character and the signature agitated yell at climax scenes were certainly entertaining and relatable to us like a big brother kind of figure that everyone has in their household. Skills and craftsmanship aside, his down-to-Earth, unpretencious personality must be the key to his everlasting career.

There were female casters too, most notably Jung Sorim. I am not quite sure if she is still very active in the caster scene at the moment, but she has recently started a online streaming channel of her own I heard. She is a so-called Bi-majo (Pretty witch in Japanese), meaning that her beautiful looks precedes her actual age (late 40s~early 50ish?).

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