Brunch talk

Reflecting on the great conversation I had with Roy Tomizawa yesterday over brunch, here are some guidelines that I shall follow from now on.

  • Write one article per day, no matter how short (as short as 3 sentences, punchline only)
    • Don’t get discouraged by the “completeness” of the article — at this stage, it’s only an exercise
    • The long list of draft posts I have in the back would never shorten unless I keep on writing
  • Start approach people and interview them
    • Who’s the top 5 people that I’d like to interview?
  • Keep reading

    • Whatever is related to esports, just devour it

    More rabbit holes, no worries about the structure yet

    What’s the main course of this book? Personal anecdotes or facts & opinions?

Oh boy, what have I gotten into…

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