Roy’s book concert

After years of research and writing, Roy Tomizawa (i.e., I shall call him my book writing mentor) recently published his own book titled “1964 the greatest year in the history of Japan”, a comprehensive story about the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and the people involved. It’s a reminiscence of Japan after the World War era and a gentle reminder of where Japan has come from, after 56 years hosting another Olympics next year.

Celebrating the book release, he threw a book concert at a cozy restaurant in Daikanyama and kindly shared the invitation. I arrived there about half an hour after it started, and boy the place was already packed with easily over fifty people I’d say. As I enter the venue, I was greeted by the staff in the entrance. Shortly after they check my name in the list, I was given with two 1964 books that I ordered along with the book concert ticket over at Peatix, an event app that was fairly easy to use. Three free drinks included.

Now at the event there were many nuggets that I can surely reflect upon and try to learn for my own book concert in the future (you never know..). Here are some highlights.

  • The program: It wasn’t just a party. There was a well-crafted program prepared that went along well with the book theme. The interior of the restaurant was decorated with 1964 Tokyo Olympic posters. Roy had a brief presentation, or more close to a story telling, about what the era really was like back then.
  • Live music: The icing of the cake. Music is always an important part of the era. As Roy’s story progresses, the old numbers that were popular during that era, such as the well-known “Sukiyaki”, were played by this vocalist-guitarist duo band. Everybody sang along with them.
  • Key figures: The venue wasn’t only about the readers. The place was also delighted by the presence of the former Olympic athletes, such as the actual Japanese gymnasts in 1964, a legendary figure who won many medals and who was also a part of the book’s story. I had a chance to casually talk to him about esports, and man he already knew a lot about it.
  • Surprise birthday ceremony: so it turns out that day was also Roy’s birthday and some of his friends prepared a birthday cake, an exact replica of his own book design — just that it was perhaps 10 times bigger!
  • Networking: and of course, it was a great place to network with new people. Not yet being part of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ), I didn’t know anybody in the room other than Roy, but not long after I made some new connections, exchanging business cards and such.

Too bad I only took a few photos that night, but enough to get the feel.

Always thanks for the inspiration, Roy!

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