Time for some interviews

So my story juice is slowly running out. Since I started out this blog early this year, recently reaching 50 posts, most of the stories that I’ve posted here are what I’ve experienced on my own, some from books or the web. I have to admit that these were pretty much free contents for me as I didn’t have to spend too much time on researching and collecting information out there in order to write a post. There are still a few stories that I haven’t had the chance to share, which are still in the draft backlog, but I can see that the list is shortening. The tunnel is nearly reaching the end.

That being said, I think this is the perfect timing to switch gears. As Roy once suggested, interviews with the people in the field would be a pleasant learning process for myself as it will widen my still-back-in-the-Starcraft-era perspective as well as a missing piece of contents that would complement what these posts will eventually turn into.

Luckily, I’ve been working in the esport scene for a couple of years now and gained quite a few important contacts that would be worthy of interviewing. Of course, have no idea what I’d like to ask yet, but always up for a good quality conversation with someone who has the passion in this gaming thing.

Below is the list of people whom I can think of right now. (Will be constantly updated)

  • Japan
    • The first esports caster in Japan
    • Celebrated Street Fighter professional player
    • General manager of a top tier pro team
    • Esports lawyer, Nishimura Asahi
    • Government of Tokushima
    • Female professional player
    • Vice president of Japan esports Union
    • Organizer of Rage, the most popular esports event in Japan, CyberZ
    • Organizer of Toushinsai, Taito
    • Organizer of the first esports high school tournaments league
    • The esports evangelist
    • Gaming PC sales lead, HP
    • Executive, Lenovo
    • Esports lead, Shonan Bellmare, J.League
    • Japan national FIFA athlete
    • AEON entertainment
    • METI
  • Korea

    • Slayer Boxer
    • Hong Jin Ho
    • Cho Hyung Geun
    • The legendary caster-commentator battery
    • PUBG
    • Samsung
    • KT Rolster
    • SK T1
    • OGN producer


    • Attorney specialized in gaming, GT Law office
    • The Dallas Cowboys

      UCLA esports club
  • China

    • Esports lead, Alibaba
    • NetEase
    • Tencent

    • LaLiga
    • JC Arena
    • Station F

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