After a month-long hiatus, here I’m back in front of my iPad. I wasn’t slacking (nor that I was writing either..), but getting ready before another big push towards publishing the esports stories that I’ve been jotting down in this blog throughout this year. Yes, I’m pretty serious with this publishing idea.

A few updates.

  • I’ve signed a contract with a book publisher based in the U.S. If everything goes well as planned, by the next fall there should be an esports book available in Amazon US, UK, Japan and Barnes & Nobles that many of the contents are based on the blog posts written here. Before I jump into a serious daily writing commitment, I will be visiting Austin, Texas at the end of January to attend the writer’s workshop organized by the publisher… Yes I might need to tone down my afterwork Tokyo night life a bit from 2020….
  • Kudos to the esports global market research project that we recently won, I got to interview a diverse esports representative worldwide. An esports dedicated lawyer in the US, the general manager of a world class professional esports team based in Korea, the head of esports federation in Germany, a former ESL employee who’s now leading a international esports e-learning business, the founding member of the esports union in Poland, Chinese game publisher, and etc. Hopefully I can bring out some of the interesting stories over here.
  • Roy is organizing a panel discussion on esports for the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) where I might be on stage with the CEO of Lenovo Japan, who’s an esports enthusiast. We are targeting sometime early next year.

There are a few story nuggets left that I haven’t had a chance to write down. Taking full advantage of the long holiday season, I’ll try to pan those down before the Texas trip.

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