Target the audience

  • Who is your Primary Audience? (The microtribe your book must reach to achieve its objectives)

Senior executives in their 50s and above who hadn’t had much experience playing video/computer games in their lives but who have heard about the boom of esports in the media, but don’t quite understand why and what it is all about, yet curious.

  • Describe a typical person in your Primary Audience (an avatar). What are they like?

Steve owns and runs a Fortune 100 enterprise (or an SME) that has been running for a few decades. The business runs primarily on manufacturing (parts for automotive and medical devices), so anything with manufacturing process and the industry he knows inside and out. But when it comes outside of his comfort zone, he is just clueless — especially on modern entertainment business. Being a baby boomer himself, he might have a thing for a poker night and an occasional “business trip”-disguised Vegas excursion, but as he had never played any sort of video games in his life, to say the least, he just don’t understand the gaming industry nor he has a genuine interest towards it.

Steve’s grandson is in 10th grade and he’s an avid gamer. He’s the leader of his school’s League of Legends esports club, earned moderate successes within the gaming community, winning several local tournament events for instance, and recently started off his own Youtube channel of his game play with a humble size of regular subscribers that is growing. He is making some income out of the activity too. The grandson is seriously considering a professional career in esports, either a professional player or a professional streamer or a professional event coordinator, and the nearest goal seems to be applying to University of California San Diego where they offer a scholarship for esports-dedicated students.

Listening to his grandson’s career goal and plan, Steve has mixed feelings. He likes the fact that his beloved grandson has an ambition and an actionable plan, despite his young age, but he just can’t understand why it has to do with gaming. Why not a medical school or a law school or becoming an engineer? Isn’t this so called esports just another trendy keyword that evil game publishers try to lure all the bright students into their puny entertainment business that has no real ever lasting value? He thinks.

Doing a little research himself, he quickly learned that esports industry has been there globally for awhile in fact, and it is growing quite overwhelmingly. Being a respectful businessman he immediately sensed that there is something more than that meets his eyes, so he wants to know more. Not the numbers anymore, but the stories. He wants to know historically how did all happened (having been a fan of history in general) and why is it a worldwide phenomena nowadays. He was able to google some related articles that were scattered and fractionated, but being an analog guy inside, he would really appreciate a book.

  • What pain are they experiencing because they’ve not read your book?

Steve will never understand his grandson of the present and the future.

  • What benefit will they get because they read and implement your book?

1. Steve will understand where his grandson is heading as he will have a better idea of the industry and even know a few anecdotes from Korea where esports had started. Now that Steve has learned the trials and errors in esports industry, he may be able to advise his grandson for important career choices.

2. Steve quickly learns that even within his firm there are many employees who are avid gamers but did not shared with anyone at work. Knowing the benefits of esports from reading the book, he organizes an internal esports tournament for his employees team building and internal communication.

3. After reading the book and trying some practices himself, Steve realizes that his enterprise has always been shut off from the consumers (a fate of being a supplier for OEMs), but esports can be a great opportunity for a complete rebranding of his company. He started off by being a sponsor for a regional esports professional tournament events. Then move on to sponsoring a professional team. And etc.

4. A couple of years later, he finds that there are a few new employees whom got to know his company purely by the esports sponsorship effort.

5. Thanks to Steve’s change of perception of esports, the esports market has gotten bigger. (I could probably make a similar argument with the market being safer)

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