plans for the next coming years

it took me awhile to convince myself of writing a book but as i can see the end of the tunnel for this first one, now i’m starting to thinking… perhaps i should write more books. as long as i have something worthy to write and there is a niche reader market for the book, i can already foresee that the process can be painful but the result can be truly rewarding.

if i were to take the first book as a part of some esports series (very roughly speaking), the second book may be on the overall and various esports business models and the good news is that i already have some frameworks made for esports. the third may be on the esports governance and education, as the two are heavily related to one another.

oh well, the actual content may change along the way but i don’t see anything bad from doing so.

let’s see how far this goes.

so the idea nuggets continue…

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