What would the business book look like

The easiest way to frame this book would be either of the following two.

  • Categorize by business destination within the esports ecosystem
  • Or by the originating business

Or a little bit of both. If I were to go by the first option, the sub-category would be along the line of

  • Sponsors
  • Event organizers
  • Teams and athletes
  • Game publisher
  • Broadcaster

and so forth. This makes sense, but not so much fun story to tell. If by the second option, we have something like

  • Professional sports team business owner
  • Regional municipal office and small game company
  • Government
  • Non-endemic brands (trading houses, power plant)
  • Local cable company
  • Universities, event organizers & operators

and etc, which seems more exciting story-wise for the reader.

It will be reasonable to clarify the main purpose for the business owners to consider gaming and esports upfront.

  • Direct monetization
  • Branding and marketing
  • Investment

For the government officials who often have the taste for big-concept categorization not limited to business activities in the private sector but also social activities like local economy boost and education, the frame would look more like

  • Direct market
  • Peripheral market
  • Education
  • Social service

Now that’s a start.

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